Tamarisk Hotel - Location and links

Tamarisk Hotel is located along the seaside in the town of Ortakent just 6 km away from Bodrum center and 40 km from the Bodrum airport.

The Bodrum Peninsula is on the west  coast of Turkey where the Mediterannean and Aegean Sea meet. It is well known in tourism for its unspoiled bays, watersports and archeological sites. A few miles inland you can still discover the unspoiled countryside and traditional village life untouched by tourism.

A brief History of Bodrum

The history of Bodrum, known as Halicarnassus was established some time after 1000 BC.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world is located in Bodrum. The Mausoleum is the tomb of King Mausolos dating around 350BC. Little remains apart from the foundation. Sir Charles Newton who determined the site in 1856 took a number of sculptures to the UK. You can see them in the British Museum today. Many of the large stones from the Mausoleum were used to build the Castle of the Knights of St. John 1309-1522.

Today the Bodrum Castle can be visited as a museum housing the award-winning Museum of underwater Archaeology. George Bass, who is recognized as the father of underwater archaeology and his collaboration with Turkish Archeologist Oguz Alpozen excavated the ancient shipwrecks in the area starting from 1960’s to the 1990’s under the name of the Institute of Nautical Archeology (INA).

    Some of the notable Halicarnassians residents:

  • Artemesia II 377-333BC Carian Queen
  • Herodotus 484-425BC Greek Historian
  • Dionysius Historian
  • Halikarnas Balikcisi Turkish Poet
  • Neyzen Tevfik Turkish Poet

“Don`t you dare to hope that you will leave as you came, like many others before you have done. They all have left while their minds stayed in Bodrum...”author and poet Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli (Halikarnas Balikcisi)

Bodrum monthly Average Temperature C° (Fahrenh.)
Bodrum Average Temperatures
Temperature C° (Fahrenh.) April May June July Aug Sep Oct
Day Temperature C° 21C°(70) 26C°(79) 29C°(84) 33C°(91) 34C°(93) 29C°(84) 24C°(75)
Sea Water Temperature C° 16C°(60) 18C°(65) 21C°(70) 23C°(75) 25C°(77) 24C°(74) 21C°(70)